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communities across the region

Who We Are

Olivewood Energy is a development company focused on solar and energy storage projects in New York and New England. Olivewood is committed to working closely with landowners, communities, permitting agencies, and utilities to bring clean energy and new investment to the host communities. Olivewood also works with the operators of energy projects to make long-term improvements to commercial and operational activities.

In 2018 Olivewood Energy acquired Granite Apollo, a New England based solar energy company. Granite Apollo is now a subsidiary of Olivewood Energy, LLC.


Olivewood’s team has more than 50 years of experience identifying mutually-beneficial opportunities for landowners, host communities, and power projects and bringing the projects to market. Olivewood’s team members are experienced in financing power projects, structuring power purchase agreements and energy and renewable energy credit hedges. The Olivewood team is also experienced with working with communities on the siting, permitting, and operation of projects of a variety of technologies as well as managing the interconnection process. We take a long-term view of each project and structure each part to support successful operations.


Olivewood works collaboratively and transparently with host communities to develop our projects responsibly and to reflect the values of each individual community. Olivewood employees have deep roots in both the New York and New England regions. We work with communities to identify potential issues and to address those issues before projects enter permitting.


Olivewood prides itself on providing responsive and creative solutions to clean energy development. Whether working with a utility to get an interconnect application done successfully, with a Town on permitting and tax issue or a landowner with screening concerns, Olivewood listens first and then gets creative to get the job done successfully for both parties.